Stone Essential oil diffusers ( ferroaxinite )

$24.99 USD

Essential oil diffuser Stone that has been specifically chosen on the field and cut to make them the prettiest possible. They come in small mountain lookalike shape as it provide the best surface of contact ratio to efficiently diffuse your favortie essential oil in a 100% natural way.

Their Uncommon mineralization make them a unique sight all while they diffuse your favorite essential oil. Their beauty are sure to charm. They are a great gift for yourself, any dear one or any rock lover! 

This one is a state of the art, unique piece of volcanic rock that show a very unusual colorisation of a  rather rare mineral gem from the borro-sillacte family named ferroaxinite. The clear pink to deep purple coloristion is yet of unknow origin and is one of kind since ferroaxinite is usualy of a deep darkish brown.

It has recuted a greenish volcanic rock along with quartz while it was ongoing matamorphic process. This also added an apple green to silver green sepentine and also dark metamorphic mineral to make this rock a truly, truly unique sight. This product is limited and the number of diffuser is estimated to be around 1000. Don't lose your chance to make a truly rememberable gift. This is an exclusive Item on our website you won't find elsewhere.

They come with eitheir a nature or a ebonized* (+1.99$) finish wood slice. These have been cut from already fallen tree or from sustainable cut. They act as base for your diffuser and help to maximize your favorite scent over time.

You can also buy rechange coaster if you want a fresh start. (click here)

They come with a small rock history and description cardboard.

*The black ebonised base is a result of a unique home made process not seen elsewhere*.

This is a pre-launch preview, official photo and packaging coming out this week.

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