BBQ Stone griddle (Stansted).

$99.00 USD

Acheive delicious cooking with this BBQ stone griddle that allows you to cook food to perfection every time on the BBQ. Its heat transfer properties ensure that its temperature provides ideal cooking to keep optimal flavor in the food. Each piece will be mouthwatering!

Discover the best way of cooking your steak, fish, chicken and vegetable on the bbq. Acheive amazing cooking result every time and be a master chef at home.

Made from Stansted granite from the town of granite! It absorbs and retains heat so you can cook food perfectly. Its finish will allow you to admire the nature of the stone, have just the right grip for the grilling the food  just as much as it will allow you to wash it more easily after use.

Each stone is 100% ecofriendly, hand extracted and then raw cutte all while offering competitve pricing!

The stone dimensions:  5’’ x 12’’ x 1’'  *Enough for 2 big skewers, 2-3 reg size hamburger                                                                  or 1 medium-large steaks*

                                      7’’ x 12’’ x 1’'  *Enough for 3 big skewers, 2-3 xtra large hamburger                                                                2 medium steak or a extra large steaks*

 The colours of the stone may vary. Our products are made from natural materials, which all have their raw and authentic appearance. 

The case is made in Quebec out of leftover wood part from the wood floor industry and have been cover by food grade odorless oil to protect the wood and emphasize its cachet of nobility. In addition, a certificate of authenticity of the stone is offered as a bonus in the gift box packaging.

  • Rinse with water the stones before using them.
  • Set the whisky stones in the freezer dry for 30 minutes to freeze them.
  • Delicately place 2 to 3 stones in the bottom of a high fashion whisky glass. Then pour 2 to 3 oz of your favorite amber spirit.
  • Savor your favorite amber spirit without watering down your whisky on the rock!
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Do not eat the stones
  • Please consume alcohol responsibly
  • Stones recognize as safe for food from FDA

* The color of wood and stones may vary

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