Cocktail Bundle

$152.50 USD

This special Bkit include a set of Gneiss Hornblende premium whiskey stones (6), a set of (4) coasters, a bar spoon and a Whiskey Scented Candle (4oz.).

Please find bellow the description for each of the product separately and that the shipping is free of charge.

Premium Whisky Stones - Hornblende Gneiss (6)

Our whisky stones are the best stones for whisky tasting. Based on our geology research, they are 8x more efficient to chill in the freezer, they are no-porous stones and they don’t let residue in your whisky glass. It makes them the ideal material to accompany the tasting of your favourite amber spirits. 

These are the most sustainable whisky stone set available on the market now. The set contain 6 stones with walnut display with 940 million year old stones from the region of St-Élie-de-Caxton, Qc, Canada. This stone comes from the time of earth when the American continent was formed. 

This stone is characteristic of an happy mixture of dark emerald green and black, there are insertions of pearly white calcite crystals. The extraction and manufacturing process are all made in Canada. The walnut display is made out of circular economy. 


Set of coasters in walnut (4)

Set of 4 coasters made out of walnut with a food grade oil protection. Perfect for an evening of whisky tasting with friends! The Walnut came from United-States. Walnut is a natural dark brown wood.


Bar spoon

This is one of the first quality, affordable and sustainable flat bar spoon made in America. It is made out of stainless steel is an essential cocktail accessory. Its flat end helps to perfectly balance this aesthetic spoon while stirring your drink. The spoon is manufacture in Canada and designed by Canadian designers.


Scented Soy Candle (4 oz)

Let your passion for whiskey manifest itself into the fragrance of your home! We have designed for you a soy candle with the aroma of spirits. Let yourself be carried away by its fruity whiskey scent, with notes of cherries, honey and oak.

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